Five benefits of using social media as a lawyer

Social media is extremely beneficial for a lawyer to have and use. While having social media is easy, using it to your benefit does take time and effort. However, social media provides an opportunity to tell the story of your work as a lawyer and as a law firm in your own words–which, over time, can build your brand, communication and connection with clients, and improve your marketing reach. Whether via an individual profile on LinkedIn, or a business page on Facebook, over time you will see the benefits of social media for your business law firm. If you need convincing, read below to see our top five benefits of using social media as a lawyer.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Social Media as a Lawyer

1. Social media can be used to build a firm’s brand.

In today’s digital age, it is important for lawyers and law firms to have a strong online presence to support their brand. Social media can help to quickly build a personal brand and get your name out to the right audience. On social media, you get to choose what you put out to the public and can frame it in a way that emphasises the strengths of you and your business. Controlling your brand’s narrative will strengthen your marketing abilities.

2. Connect with potential clients.

An active social media page facilitates a two-way connection with potential clients who are able to send direct messages or post comments to your pages. By creating a presence on social media, you can reach out to people who may not otherwise know about you or your law firm. Clients can browse your social media pages to help answer any initial questions they may have, saving both them and you time. The reach of social media means that anyone with an internet connection can search for your business and services, at any time, anywhere.

3. Position yourself as an expert.

By creating a business profile on sites such as LinkedIn, you can demonstrate your expertise by sharing information about your work. This can help to put you above other lawyers by positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and therefore of better value to a client. No other media can give you the freedom to publish as often as you like about your business expertise and interest. Consistent posts will help build your expert profile and elevate you as the right choice.

4. Regular contact with new and current clients.

Social media sites work best when you post regular and informative content for your audience. Posting once every few weeks, or once a month, won’t give you the full benefits that social media can facilitate if used consistently. Consistent posting, even 3 x a week, will help the platform see that you are active and wanting to engage an audience. Social media must be consistent to benefit your clients and keep you in their mind among everything else they are seeing in their day to day lives.

5. Social media is more cost-effective than traditional media.

If you can consistently share content to ensure your audience are engaged and connected with your brand, your marketing costs will improve. Building and maintaining your own audience will help build your brand and client pool quicker than traditional media methods can, and is much more cost effective. Comparing print advertising shows the substantial benefits digital marketing can bring, including audience targeting and insights.

Need social media help?

Are you wanting to revamp and accelerate your growth with social media? Ask us to do a social media audit of your firm’s profile. We can help you create the social media profile that most benefits your legal business.

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Peter Heazlewood

Peter is a Director of Lift Legal Marketing and the go-to person in law firm marketing, nationally. He draws on his experience as a former practicing lawyer and Managing Partner of a progressive law firm for over 20 years. 
Knowing the legal profession so well enables him to share valuable insights with you. Peter lives in Sydney with his wife and is the father of five adult children.
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