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Overseeing Your Website Management.

Experience the tranquility of our fully managed website service, guaranteeing that your website remains updated, well-maintained, and protected consistently. Neglecting to keep your WordPress website current and secure can leave you vulnerable to malicious attacks, leading to website downtime and detrimental impacts on your online reputation.

Our commitment involves the regular updating and backing up of your WordPress platform, website theme, and plugins, ensuring a pristine, secure, and seamlessly functioning WordPress installation at all times. As part of our law firm website management service, benefit from continuous phone and email support available from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday (EST).

Empowering Your Law Firm’s Online Presence.

Experience our fully managed law firm website packages designed to consistently elevate your firm’s image, ensuring a user-friendly interface and seamless functionality that embodies a professional online presence, consistently and without fail.

  • Fully managed website infrastructure
  • Superior support
  • Daily backups
  • Additional layers of security
  • Proactive real time threat detection
  • SSL Certificate
  • Faster website loading times
  • Proprietary caching technology
  • Global CDN
  • Industry leading infrastructure specially created for WordPress websites
  • Superior performance – 99.5% up time
  • Advanced, fast, secure hosting
  • Optimized for law firm websites running on the WordPress platform

Specialized Law Firm Website Management

Premier WordPress Hosting Solutions

Explore our curated management bundles, providing Global Edge Security—an advanced, high-performance security solution meticulously crafted to fortify your website. This cutting-edge security system not only ensures your site’s safety but also enhances user experience. Safeguard your revenue and reputation while propelling superior site performance to new heights.

Benefits of Global Edge Security

Website Peformance Reports

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Leverage our Website Performance Reports crafted to assist you in effectively managing your online traffic, keeping you abreast of the latest trends. Discover the power of measuring your website’s performance, enabling you to adapt strategies and amplify your results.

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Law firm marketing is all we do which is why so many lawyers trust our advice.

Lift Legal Marketing was founded by two former lawyers who have the industry knowledge, backed by technical expertise and a team of experienced marketers who know how to develop income producing marketing strategies that increase your revenue.

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Amanda Tully, Director

The people at Lift Legal are easy to deal with. We found their ability to provide us with copywriting and content for the website invaluable. On top of that we appreciate the functionality and navigation our website design provides, to help us connect with our clients and the community.

Allan McDougall, Principal

As a busy sole practitioner wanting to enhance my digital profile but having little awareness of how to go about it, I was pleased to engage Lift Legal for this purpose. They proved to be a capable web developer who not only possessed the requisite expertise but also knew of, and were able to provide, suitable content. This dual offering made the task of building my website an easy and informative process.

Emma Bragg, Managing Partner

Having our website properly secure and accessible at all times is vitally important to us. Lift Legal provides us with a hosting platform with continuous website monitoring, automated updates, managed upgrades and daily backups. This enables us to focus on our legal work in the comfort and knowledge that this is all done properly for us. Should we need support, we know we can contact them promptly.

Ruth Harris, Partner

We like to regularly update our content, particularly around pricing, and we find the turnaround from the technical team at Lift Legal is rapid, and easy to quickly get the changes made promptly.

David Shad, Partner

Partnering for SEO with Lift Legal Marketing, has seen us achieve a noticeable lift in our website rankings for crucial keywords. We have also doubled traffic to our site! For us, this means more leads for the firm – a worthwhile investment.

Annette Power, Principal

We’ve been using the Lift Legal newsletter service and it increased our file openings by 218% over 18 months, without doing any other marketing

Tim Donlan, Principal

I have found Lift Legal’s service to be invaluable and their suggestions, professionalism and timeliness to be excellent. The reports that accompany each newsletter provide total transparency on the effectiveness of each campaign and assist in lead generation. The Lift processes also focused on our data base which is now Recognized as an important asset that we can use to communicate with all of our clients, as and when necessary.

Maryanne Ofner, Principal

For many years, in house , we laboriously prepared an annual newsletter that we distributed by post. The strategy at Lift Legal relieved us of this most time consuming burden and also ensured greater frequency and ease of distribution of pertinent content.

Darren Casey, Director

“Lift legal marketing are an amazing group of people who always respond quickly and efficiently and assist in a way that I have not experienced with other like businesses. The problems I had with my website was very concerning and stressful however lift legal fixed my issues kept me updated and did an amazing job.

I wouldn’t choose any other firm and highly recommended.”

Thom Vaughan

Thom Vaughan, Solicitor

We found the team at Lift Legal Marketing easy to work with in the development of our new website. They proved to be not only capable web developers with the requisite expertise for the legal profession, but were able to provide suitable content. This made the task of developing our firm’s new website a much easier process than using a firm without an intimate knowledge of the legal profession.

Sophie O’Hara, Brand & Marketing Manager

I have been continually singing your team’s praises and I truly appreciate how fantastic you were at building our custom site so well and so quickly. The functionality and design works seamlessly.

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