Your Guide to a Successful Law Firm E-newsletter

For a long time, e-newsletters have formed a key component of smart marketing for law firms, but in a post pandemic digital world, their versatility, and ability to generate leads and drive new clients is now more relevant than ever.

“We’ve been using the Lift Legal Marketing newsletter service and it increased our file openings by 218% over 18 months, without doing any other marketing”

Power Legal

E-newsletters are a powerful tool for law firms to grow brand awareness, cross sell additional services and increase leads. If you’re not already sending e-newsletters and want to get started, download our free guide where you’ll discover:

  • The moving parts behind a successful law firm e-newsletter.
  • How to start and manage your contact list.
  • How to choose a specialised email service provider.
  • Top tips for creating a professional newsletter template.
  • How to manage content and publication schedules.
  • How to measure the performance of your e-newsletter campaigns.

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