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Specialised Legal Marketing Services

We provide a comprehensive range of law firm marketing services in Maitland. We help law firms of all sizes to use tried and test marketing strategies that grow their client base. Our services include branding, website development, search engine Optimization, digital marketing, and newsletters. Our gold standard marketing strategies has been the vehicle behind helping law firms to raise brand awareness, grow their database, increase file openings, and generate more leads.

We offer law firms the opportunity to draw on our experience and knowledge to help grow their firm. Our smart approach to marketing, together with our understanding of the legal marketplace, enables us to produce highly effective strategies and campaigns that will create confidence in your brand.

The team at Lift Legal Marketing are continuously setting new benchmarks in service level, delivering stronger client results, and pushing the envelope with quality and creativity to give law firms a competitive edge. We act as an extension to law firms, taking care of all their marketing needs so they no longer have to rely on networking or referrals, freeing up their time and adding more value to the firm.

SEO Services

We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to law firms in Maitland. SEO is the practice of optimising pages on your website to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines.

SEO focuses on improving the rankings in organic – non paid – search results. SEO is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website without paying for advertisements. When running an SEO program for law firms, our SEO experts focus on one thing only – to grow your organic rankings and increase website traffic. The larger the traffic, the greater the chances of conversions. Law firms need to have a robust SEO program running on their website to ensure it is generating enough traffic to their website.


Our newsletter program for law firms in Maitland helps to grow their database, increase brand awareness and establish them as subject matter expert in their field.  The benefits of running your own newsletter program include:

  • It will generate work for your firm.
  • You will protect yourself from a competitor by regularly communicating with your clients.
  • It is an ideal way of maintaining a relationship and communicating with your clients.
  • It is inexpensive. Compare the price of:

    • Printing newsletters
    • Stamps (now $1.00 each)
    • The time it takes to put it all together having regard to the lawyer’s salary and hourly rates.
  • It’s shareable as your readers can on forward your communications easily increasing the value and leverage of the content.

Newsletters are an effective way to ensure your law firm is top of mind when the need arises for a client.

Web Development, Hosting & Design

We design and develop websites, as well as host them for law firms in Maitland. Research conducted by BIA/Kelsey indicates that 97% of consumers research local products and services online before purchasing. The statistics are staggering and emphasises just how important and powerful your law firm website is in a customer’s “path-to-purchase” and why a significant portion of your marketing budget should be allocated to your online presence.

Your law firm website is just as important, if not more so, as your physical location and speaks volumes about your legal practice. If designed correctly, your website is a powerful marketing tool that offers a channel of communication (share valuable information with your clients and create engagement), a branding tool (represent your law firm’s personality through your content), a sales channel (promote your services and generate leads) and an education tool (provide answers to your clients’ questions).

We understand how busy Lawyers can get, which is why our process to designing and developing your site is simple. We have established a ‘4 steps to launch’ system that means the whole process end to end is uncomplicated, and easy for busy practitioners to have a cutting-edge website in no time.

From developing websites through to hosting them on our most secure platform, law firms in Maitland benefit from world-class marketing to help grow their firm.

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Law firm marketing is all we do which is why so many lawyers trust our advice.

Lift Legal Marketing was founded by two former lawyers who have the industry knowledge, backed by technical expertise and a team of experienced marketers who know how to develop income producing marketing strategies that increase your revenue.

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