Work Accidents eBook

Our white-label Work Accidents eBook will be customized to include your firm’s brand and contact details. Once a visitor downloads this lead magnet from your website, the eBook will deliver the following information:

  • What are the differences in claims?
  • Eligibility to make a work injury damages claim
  • What do you need to prove to be successful?
  • What can you claim?
  • Process for making a work injury damages claim
  • What happens to my workers compensation if I receive a settlement?
  • How a lawyer will help with the claim
  • Finalizing your claim

Automated Follow-Up Process

In addition to receiving the eBook, potential clients will also receive a follow-up email immediately after the download and another one seven days later. These emails will be setup in our contact management system so it looks like it’s coming from your firm; with your email, branding and contact details.

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