How To Increase Your Inquiry-To-Client Conversion Rate

Business is tough.

As competition surges amid almost every American industry, SME owners forcibly search for ways to remain present and relevant amongst their communities.

Marketing for a law firm is no different, requiring strategic interaction, motivational promotion and an updated user-friendly blueprint in almost equal parts.

Let’s look at some of the website benchmarks in the sector proving to be must-have inclusions for modern law firm marketing success.

Website Structure, Flow & Navigation

Readability, functionality and a highly-intuitive design are what potential clients demand during their online law firm search. Landing and services pages that perfectly cascade from information to supply without the technicality often convert more organically and effortlessly.

Simplicity should be at the core of your site’s design when it comes to law firm marketing. Several recommendations for increased navigational fluency and ultimately, returning visitors include:

  • Displaying easily accessible contact details at your most likely conversion points – i.e. including your phone number on the Home page and Services page headers and footers
  • Ditching the jargon
  • Revitalizing your copy – Succinct yet witty content converts!
  • Dividing information into defined sections/dedicated pages

Lead Magnets

Clients want a reason to consult you and providing them multiple lead-magnet-forms helps consolidate your chances of securing new business, providing you are offering something they perceive as helpful.

Downloadable E-Books, a free initial consultation or an e-Newsletter subscription service are appropriate for law firm marketing. Remember both perceived value and actual value matter, along with ensuring they’re instantly accessible offering easily translatable ‘sign-up’ processes.

Implementing a robust follow up process for clients that send enquiries or download an E-Book also helps bolster conversion rates and stabilize potential new client’s relationships.

Explore our recent blog articles including 4 Tips To Turn Your Website Into a Lead Magnet for further information regarding the latest lead magnet tactics.

Strategically Optimized Enquiry Forms

A single inquiry or contact form isn’t enough these days. Between blog incorporation and an expert SEO formula, marketing for law firms means streamlining how to ‘get in touch’ with absolute ease.

Asking potential clients to make more than a couple of clicks or provide their life stories via virtual mail almost guarantees a lost relationship. The solution begins with embedding secondary enquiry forms amidst ‘Services’ page content or adding a live chat feature for immediate query response.

Showcasing Reviews & Testimonials

Marketing for a law firm should include a plan to present genuine, first-hand client feedback naturally positioned where visitors aren’t required to extensively search.

Demonstrating trust, resilience and professionalism through testimonials from current client’s sheds nothing but positive light on your people, workmanship and overall operations.

Show your next client’s that hiring a legal expert doesn’t have to be tedious and technical. It’s also a good idea to exhibit any association and affiliate logos for a little extra reassurance and client confidence booster. If your business has won any local business awards, be sure to add these as well.

Social Media Integrations

Connecting visitors to your social media accounts is incredibly effective, utilizing two primary conversion-increasing game plans that:

  • Links your social media audience to your properly Optimized website, and
  • Enables people to access these social platforms directly from your landing pages.

The purpose is to secure sustainable levels of reach across multiple platforms.

Put simply, adding buttons to your site’s blog content or product pages allows people to conveniently share your information, extending brand awareness across a larger audience. Once clients start following your business page, it also means that your brand will be top of mind every time you share a post.

Incentivizing clients to commit requires a distinguished, well-rounded marketing strategy. An ultra-user-friendly website with dynamic lead magnets combined with Optimized contact and social media integrations maps the path to an undoubtedly higher-caliber conversion plan.

Contact us today to discuss how we’ll revitalize your marketing strategy to accomplish those improved conversion goals.

About the author
Rachel Brus

Rachel Brus

With over 25 years of sales and customer experience, Rachel’s methodology and approach is to work closely alongside law firm owners or key stakeholders to truly understand their business’s unique strengths. In turn, her goal is to ensure that their sales and marketing campaigns are successfully set up to reflect this and are delivered on time and in line with mutually agreed expectations and outcomes.

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