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E-signature Etiquette

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Are you Ignoring Email signatures?

Email signatures, also known as e-signatures, are often underUtilized or ignored altogether. From our experience working with law firms, we find many either don’t bother utilising an e-signature or use it incorrectly. It may sound like a simple thing, but your e-signature is the gateway to your website and branding.

Benefits of Email Signatures

Getting your e-signature right has many benefits including brand awareness, marketing personalisation to offer customised messages, lead generation, ease of contact and presents you as a professional organisation.

Every email recipient can’t be expected to remember what you do and who works at the firm. They could be a referrer of work or an existing client that might have another matter they need to solve. Giving easy access to your website, via a simple link is a smart move.

 Five important etiquettes when creating an Email Signature

Here are five important etiquettes when creating and setting up your email signature for your law firm:

  1. Include your full name, phone number, address, and website URL on your e-signature
  2. If there is space, include links to your social media profiles and hyperlink them to the firm’s social media page
  3. Avoid placing unnecessary details such as your email address, as clients have already established contact with you via email, so this is just taking up valuable space
  4. Ensure you hyperlink your website URL so email recipients can click on your website without typing it in
  5. Keep all e-signatures companywide uniform so all staff, from reception through to the Partners are using the same style of details and layout

Following these easy steps when creating your email signature will help tick off another marketing item, which many firms miss.


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