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Organic vs Paid Search


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With 96% of people seeking legal advice using a search engine, now is the time to have an online presence. Whether that is using organic or paid search, it ultimately comes down to your marketing goals and how well your website currently ranks on search engines.

The difference between organic search and paid search is simple – it’s the cost.

As Google is the number one search engine, we will focus on this platform to provide you with insights into helping you make the right decisions for your law firm.

Organic vs Paid Search

Organic search as quoted by Google is “a free listing in Google Search that appears because it’s relevant to someone’s search terms.” Organic search is achieved by adopting a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program that helps your website rank on keywords over time. SEO is a long term strategy and delivers impressive ROI when executed correctly.

Paid search is using methods such as Google Ads or partner sites to advertise and rank immediately by paying each time your ad is clicked, this is also known as pay per click or PPC.

If you have a special campaign or recently launched your firm, Google Ads can give you instant ranking on highly targeted keywords at a cost.

What are the Benefits?

Below are a few benefits for each channel. If you are an established law firm looking for long term results, SEO or organic search may be the way to go. However, if you are looking for instant leads and are willing to pay the price, paid search can give you the results you are after.

Sometimes, pairing both channels is the best way to start. While your organic search is growing over time, your paid results can give you instant results to capture leads. When you have achieved the organic results you desire, you can wind back the paid ads.

Organic Paid
Free listing Instant ranking and results
Impressive ROI Suitable for every budget
Boosts credibility Enables you to compete with your online competitors immediately
Attracts relevant users searching for your services Attracts ready-to-buy users


Organic Search

To put things into perspective, ranking number one on a targeted search term can deliver double the traffic than ranking number two.

While Google Ads has its benefits offering immediate ranking and exposure to your law firm’s website, the top spot on organic search drives 34.35% more traffic to your site than Google Ads or sites that are ranked positioned two and below.

Ranking on organic search also requires a consistent SEO program that delivers results overtime and is a long-term strategy.


Whether you decide to choose paid, organic or do both at the same time, it is important to carefully Analyze your competitors and conduct an SEO keyword audit to enable you to make the right decisions. What is equally as important is to have a marketing specialist with digital marketing experience working with law firms, to help setup these channels and steer you in the right direction.

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