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Posting on Facebook


Depending on your areas of law and who your target audience is, Facebook can be a social media marketing tool that boosts your brand awareness, increases client engagement, and potentially generate leads for your firm.

If you have your demographic actively using Facebook every day, it’s time to start posting on your business page, if you don’t already have one.

Benefits of being on Facebook

What are the benefits of being on Facebook?

There are many reasons why your firm should actively share content on Facebook, this includes, however, is not limited to:

• Turning clients into an email list.
• Lowering your marketing expenses.
• Targeting specific audiences.
• Gaining in-depth audience insights.
• Building brand loyalty.
• Increasing your website traffic.
• Boosting SEO.

Gold Rule

Facebook has the world’s most active users than any other social media platform. If your law firm does not have a Facebook profile, then it’s time you create a page. What is equally as important as having a presence on Facebook, is to regularly post valuable content that attracts your target audience.

The golden rule when sharing content on any social media platform is the 80/20 rule. This rule suggests 80% of social media posts should be useful to your audience — this includes information and education and a solution to their problems — and only 20% should explicitly promote your law firm, this refers to awards, accreditations, services offered and so on.

What should lawyers post?

There are several things your law firm can post on Facebook to engage with your clients.

These include:

1. Repurposing content for Facebook – sharing blogs, webinars, podcasts or eBooks around your areas of law Maximizes the reach for the content you have already created.

2. Behind-the-scenes at your law firm – this is a great opportunity to bring light to the more human aspects of your firm. It gives your firm more brand personality and adds more engaging elements about your firm. This may include posts about charity events attended or sponsored, staff birthdays or awards won by the firm.

3. Legal news and events – providing legal news and events around something happening locally or around the world will create engagement and build momentum on your page. It means your firm is keeping on top of recent events which clients like to hear about.

4. Incorporating humour from time to time.

5. Answering common client questions.

Get social

It’s time to get social and Maximize the full potential of your firm’s Facebook page. Consistency is key with Facebook, so it is important to have regular content shared on your page to reap the benefits.

Start by creating a social media calendar, outlining exactly what you plan to share each week and then assign someone in your firm to action it.

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