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Rank on Google Immediately

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How do you rank on Google? It all starts with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are three simple steps you can take to see an improvement in ranking quickly. These tools are provided by Google themselves and are all free to use.

Google is the king of search engines holding 91.38% of the market share around the world. With such large volumes of traffic, you want your law firm’s website to be ranking on page one of Google. There are 3 crucial steps you can take immediately to accelerate your law firm SEO.

Step 1: Google Business Profile

Formally known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile gives your law firm an online presence on Google Maps and search results. Google Business Profile allows you to personalise your firm’s profile with photos, posts, and more.

You can create an account for free and list your locations, office hours and website address. It also allows you to respond to client reviews. With this tool, Google allows you to have an immediate presence online to help clients find you.

Step 2: Google Search Console

Google Search Console measures your site’s search traffic and performance, troubleshoots and fixes any issues to ensure your website is running as efficiently as possible and makes your site stand out in Google Search results.

By signing up to Google Search Console you can also discover how Google crawls and indexes your site and delivers your content up in search results.

This fabulous tool gives you a boost in your SEO efforts, helping your law firm’s website to be found easier by your clients. There are lots of free training on Google that will help you set up Google Search Console to use it to its full potential.

Step 3: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also a free tool that offers you valuable information about your website visitors. You might have hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website and still not know anything about them if you don’t have Google Analytics installed.

Having data about your website traffic will allow you to create a better experience for future clients.

What type of information is collected using Google Analytics? Some important ones include:

• how many visitors go to each page of your website over a period of time;
• the average time visitors spend on your website;
• bounce rates – how many visitors close your site or click the back button without interacting on the site;
• the device used by each visitor when visiting your site, for example, mobile or desktop; and which browser they used;
• the source of your website traffic – whether they were brought there from a search engine, advertisement, or email marketing campaign.

Smarter insights from Google Analytics can help improve your marketing decisions and generate better ROI.

Activate Now

If you don’t have any one of these tools, it’s time to activate them now. Ultimately, better Google rankings mean more traffic and potentially more leads for your law firm. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you set up these tools for your firm, which can help accelerate your SEO and give you a competitive advantage.

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